Onlinepethealth Academy brings you PETCON2018 – an exciting and informative virtual conference for pet owners whose pets suffer from arthritis and mobility difficulties. PETCON2018 will provide pet owners with everything they need to know to enhance their pets’ quality of life, through relevant webinars.
Six comprehensive webinar recordings delivered by veterinary professionals will impart insight and understanding into your pets’ struggles with arthritis and mobility, and teach you how to holistically manage these challenges.
Ts&Cs: You will receive access to the recordings for 1 year. Your name will not be added to the PETCON2018 database unless you opt in. 


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Food Toppers and Supplements for Pets with Impaired Mobility by Dr. Judy Morgan
Simple additions that can be made to any diet to help improve mobility by decreasing pain and inflammation.

Mobility and Arthritis by Dr. Peter Dobias
Learn how to approach your dog’s arthritis and mobility issues without toxic side-effect causing drugs.

Six Important Points to Consider when Exercising your Arthritic Pet by Dr. Megan Kelly
Follow these five points and you will see improved mobility, reduced pain and a decreased chance of injuries.

Environmental Adaptions to Improve Mobility by Dr. Hannah Capon
The neglected piece of the OA management puzzle. Simple adjustments to your home environment that can help improve your dog’s mobility learn what works and what does not.

Core Work: The Basis for All Canine Exercise by Debbie Gross Toracca
Working a dog’s core muscles with and without equipment.

Helping Animals in Death and Dying by Kate Muller
Animal communication for trust, support, acceptance, and peace.


Dr Judy Morgan

Holistic Veterinarian
Webinar: Food Toppers and Supplements for Pets with Impaired Mobility.

Dr Peter Dobias

Holistic Veterinarian
Webinar: Mobility & Arthritis.

Dr Megan Kelly

Rehabilitation Veterinarian
The Five most important points to consider when Exercising your Arthritic Pet.

Dr Hannah Capon

Webinar: Environmental Adaptions to improve Mobility.

Debbie Gross Toracca

Animal Physical Therapist
Webinar: Core Work:  The Basis for All Canine Exercise.

Kate Muller

Animal Communicator
: Helping Animals in Death and Dying.